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Pioneer Water Tanks

Designed for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured using strong and durable, fully recyclable 100% Australian Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel.

Our range of tanks are available from 12,000 to 250,000 litres. All our tanks can provide a fire protection reserve. Our exclusive range of Australian made tank liners guarantee the highest quality drinking water and maximum water storage safety possible. The Aqualiner® is the most important feature. Our exclusive BPA-free and Phthalate-free Aqualiner® is the world’s leading tank liner with over 30 years of built-in research, development and improvement, designed to give you long-life, fresh water storage of the highest quality.

Easily transported and assembled with minimal site preparation, all our tanks comply with relevant Australian Safety standards and we have a full range of accessories available to ensure your tank performs to highest possible standard. Backed by our 20 year conditional warranty.

See Tank Sizes.

To protect your valuable water assets and access it where and when you need it, insist on Pioneer Water Tanks.

Commercial/Fire Water Tanks

At Fergusson Plumbing we design and install water storage tanks for all types of commercial specifications, supplying industries throughout Australia.

Our comprehensive range of commercial tank sizes can meet most industrial needs and range from 12kL to 2.66ML<

Fergusson Plumbing can design and install fire protection water tanks to meet AS2419 and AS2304 all over Australia.

We are experts in water tank storage solutions for hydrant and sprinkler systems and we can manage your water tank project from start to finish.

Aquaplate Tanks

The iconic, corrugated, round steel water tank is still a popular choice, and offers great value for money

Our range of round steel tanks are ideal for larger properties where access is not obstructed. They are strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant, and are very durable when exposed to the sun.

Our quality range of steel water tanks are Aquaplate polymer coated to help withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Water Tank Site Preparation

  Litres Gallons Diametre Height Pad Size
(Width x Depth)
Min. Sand Required Aggregate Required Water Required After Build
GT10 12,200 2,600 2.67m 2.18m 4.67m x 150mm 3.0m3 0.4m3 600L
GT 20 19,100 4,200 3.34m 2.18m 5.34m x 150mm 4.0m3 0.5m3 950L
GT 30 27,542 6,053 4.01m 2.18m 6.01m x 150mm 5.0m3 0.6m3 1,300L
GT 40 37,573 8,258 4.68m 2.18m 6.68m x 150mm 6.0m3 0.7m3 1,750L
GT 50 48,963 10,761 5.35m 2.18m 7.35m x 150mm 7.0m3 0.8m3 2,300L
GT 60 62,111 13,615 6.02m 2.18m 8.02m x 150mm 8.0m3 0.9m3 2,900L
GT 80 76,504 16,814 6.69m 2.18m 8.69m x 150mm 9.0m3 1.1m3 3,550L
GT 90 92,570 20,345 7.35m 2.18m 9.35m x 150mm 10.0m3 1.2m3 4,350L
GT 110 110,116 24,212 8.02m 2.18m 10.02m x 150mm 12.0m3 1.3m3 5,050L
GT 130 129,292 28,416 8.69m 2.18m 10.69m x 150mm 14.0m3 1.4m3 6,000L
GT 150 149,948 32,956 9.36m 2.18m 11.36m x 200mm 16.0m3 1.5m3 7,000L
GT 170 172,529 37,919 10.03m 2.18m 12.03m x 200mm 17.0m3 1.6m3


GT 200 195,851 43,044 10.70m 2.18m 12.70m x 200mm 19.0m3 1.7m3 9,000L
GT 220 221,604 48,704 11.36m 2.18m 13.36m x 200mm 21.0m3 1.8m3 10,200L
GT 250 247,478 54,478 12.03m 2.18m 14.03m x 200mm 23.0m3 1.9m3 11,400L
GT 280 277,000 60,839 12.71m 2.18m 14.71m x 200mm 26.0m3 2.0m3 12,900L
GT 290** 290,632 63,876 10.70m 3.23m 12.70m x 200mm 19.0m3 1.7m3 9,000L
GT 330** 328,096 72,109 11.36m 3.23m 13.36m x 200mm 21.0m3 1.8m3 11,400L
GT 370** 367,831 80,784 12.03m 3.23m 14.03m x 200mm 23.0m3 1.9m3 12,900L
GT 410** 409,860 90,157 12.70m 3.23m 14.70m x 200mm 25.5m3 2.0m3 13,500L
GT 500** 500,065 109,999 14.04m 3.23m 16.04m x 200mm 27.8m3 2.1m3 14,000L